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Dual Citizenship in Europe: From Nationhood to Societal Integration

In an age of terrorism and securitized immigration, twin citizenship is of significant theoretical and modern political main issue. during this quantity, the participants examine rules relating to twin citizenship throughout Europe. a large spectrum of case stories are supplied; from the rather restrictive German case to the extra tolerant Dutch case, to the Swedish case, during which twin citizenship is explicitly permitted.

A primer on mapping class groups

The examine of the mapping classification team Mod(S) is a classical subject that's experiencing a renaissance. It lies on the juncture of geometry, topology, and workforce concept. This e-book explains as many vital theorems, examples, and strategies as attainable, speedy and without delay, whereas while giving complete information and retaining the textual content approximately self-contained.

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Oh my. " Scott could almost see her retreat from her previous assumptions. "You poor thing! Do you sleep well? " Drew groaned. "Mom, lay off. " 39 911 by Chris Owen Scott laughed and sat down at the table. Ellen blushed and apologized, which made Scott smile more. Drew's mom was cool. They talked for a while, and Scott told her all about his current schedule, and what his options were when his residency was done. Ellen nagged Drew about his pizza habit, and Drew ran his hands through his hair, making it spike up.

Breathe. " The words were quiet, serious. A sound tore from Drew's chest that might have been a sob if it hadn't been muffled by their kiss. Drew moved over Scott's body, touching and holding him, drawing him as close as he could, kissing him deeply. Scott pushed up against him, body hard and surging as they loved, movements growing frantic as they kissed and bit, moans turning to cries. Drew reached for the stuff under the pillows and got the condom on fast, his fingers opening Scott quickly. He slid into Scott's heat with a sigh.

Goddamn. Something had to be wrong with it, it just didn't make sense. He picked up the sheet of paper he'd tossed on the table and looked at it, checking that he'd written his shifts in correctly. He'd just been put on a permanent rotating shift, effective January first, and he could have made a mistake writing it on the calendar. For the first two weeks he was scheduled from eight until four in the afternoon, third and fourth weeks midnight to eight, then two weeks of four to midnight. It wasn't going to change no matter how long he looked at the paper, and he'd put it up on the wall right.

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