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A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon (Resources for Biblical by Richard Smith

By Richard Smith

Ebook by means of Smith, Richard

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Incorruption, imperishability 32 TCUKM Ta>KM,T€KM-, TOKM*',TAKMt pluck, pull, drag TCOKC, T e K C be pierced, stuck, pierce, goad T K A C , K AC TOKC=^, T O K C t m. pain [TKATO, T K T O ] K T O , [TKTe-] K T C - , [TKTO*^, KOT^ ] KTO^, K T H turn, return, go around, surround, be turned^ (caus. of KCJDTC T A A O [ T C X O ] , T A x e - , T A A O ^ , T A X H y t , T A A e t lift up, offcr up, go up, mount, be seated^; m. raising up, offering T A x o e ^ p A i raise T C U X K , T O X K ^ pluck out T C X H X [ t A X H x ] rejoice; m.

Art. sing. masc. before words with initial z Gk. words with rough breathing X called XI transliterated ch ^ as number six hundred X rare except in words of Gk, derivation 40 \|/ called v|/i transliterated ps v|; as number seven hundred vj/ for N C , otherwise only in words of G k . derivation CJD called ci> transliterated 6 CD as number eight hundred cu O! Becyt ] forget, neglect, be forgotten, sleep; m. sleep pncjDBcy forget, be forgotten Bcye f. forgetfulness, oblivion, sleep CJDK ^ ^ H T ) be content; [m.

Midst, middle M o y T € ( e - ) call, summon, invoke; m. incantation M T O m. presence M n M T O e B O A R - before, in front of M T a > f. depth MTON [RTAN], MOTRt be at rest, easy\ restful^; m. rest, ease, relief repose R T O N RMO*' rest oneself ^ / e ( r e f l e x i v e ) MOTNec f. ease, satisfaction MoyTR, M B T N M O T N ^ rest, set, agree MAToy f. mother M o o y [ M A y , M A o y ], M o y -, pi. M o y e i H , M e ^ M o o y draw water ( M o y 2 ) M o y M e f. spring, fountain M A y A A ^ , M A y A A T ^ ulone V .

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