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A history of bolshevism,: From Marx to the first five years' by Arthur Rosenberg

By Arthur Rosenberg

Used - solid A historical past of bolshevism,: From Marx to the 1st 5 years' plan (Anchor books) [Jan 01, 1967] Rosenberg, Arthur B0007DEC7C 01/19/2015

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Leben in der amurritischen Welt : Nomaden und Sesshafte im Reich von Mari im 19. und 18. Jahrhundert vor Christus

Zu den Schätzen der Weltgeschichte gehört zweifellos das Palastarchiv von Mari, das es ermöglicht, Informationen aus der Binnenperspektive der nach antiken Schriftquellen im three. und 2. Jt. v. Chr. am Mittleren Euphrat und an seinen Nebenflüssen beheimateten amurritischen Bevölkerung zu gewinnen. Die Aufzeichnungen des Archivs enden mit der Zerstörung der einst mächtigen Handelsmetropole und Herrscherresidenz Mari durch ?

The Sistine Chapel - Its History and Masterpiece

For 5 hundred years the Sistine chapel has been the most very important areas tor the Christian religion and for the full heritage of paintings. The work that conceal the partitions and ceiling of the chapel are precise masterpieces portraying the tale of humanity as meant by way of God, from the construction to the final Judgement.

Christen in Ägypten

Christen in Ägypten entspringt einer Ringvorlesung an der Universität Göttingen zu Geschichte und Gegenwart der christlichen Gemeinden im Nahen Osten. Die Ringvorlesung, die in das dritte Jahr geht, widmet sich als gemeinsame Veranstaltung des Lehrstuhls für Ökumenische Theologie und Orientalische Kirchen- und Missionsgeschichte und des Seminars für Ägyptologie und Koptologie der ganzen Bandbreite und der zweitausendjährigen Geschichte des Christentums im Nahen und Mitt¬leren Osten - einer religiösen Vielfalt, die heute einer unsicheren Zukunft entgegen¬blickt.

Heur et malheur des Français

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31. ■J Prtface. of the Virgin Mary and her virgins, the dedicatory mass celebrated by Archbishop Dunstan on the Nones of July; 2i]d bay, the Holy Trinity and Indivisible Unity; 3rd bay, the Vexillum of the Holy Cross, or rood with the figure of the crucified Lord on it; 4th bay. All Saints; 5th bay, the Archangel Michael; 6th bay. the Four Evangelists. The chronicler draws his tract to a close with a peroration pointing out the propriety and benefit of bearing in mind the memory of the noble and other benefactors and patrons of the abbey, which is the key-note to the raisan d'ilre of the book ; first of all reciting for this purpose the names of those who are alive, then of those " who have quitted the prison houses of the flesh," in order that ■■ in the same way as they are read from this little book by the sub-deacon in the daily mysteries of the body ■nd blood of Christ, so in regular sequence they may be recited by the angels in the presence of the Divine Love, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who, offering Himself to the Father to be sacrificed on the altar of the Cross, redeemed the world that was lost, and who with the same and with the Holy Spirit reigns, a God in glory for ever and €:\'er.

D. d. D. D. 957 or 959, and buried in this venerable abbey. To Eadgar then, the " Vir strenuissimus, nemini prio-nim in temporali gloria vel divinitatis amore secundus," the brother of Eaduui, the royal mantle descends, and the religious world of England looked to him for shelter and advancement. Nor were its hopes to be disappointed this time. In his time the monastic rule was placed on a more substantial and belter regulated basis ; the reputed excesses of the secular clergy (probably on account of some specially flagrant cases which had come before his notice) gave an opportunity for monachtsm (credited with greater piety and purity), to come to the front and claim royal patronage ; and at Winchester, as at many other places, the king turned his attention to the improvement of the buildings of the Benedictine establishment and the About this pCTiod Wulfc B, CO.

9p»-9»s. ' But this must be taken witb the 1 inasieriuiii Wyntonie - Anno don le that there is no reference to Neu n Hartey MS. a6i, fol. 107*.. , at the rate of one mancus of refined gold for each pace. The boundaries given in Lider de Hyda are, however, not very intelligible,* Later on he proceeds to invite, among other foreign personages of prominent sanctity, Grimbald, * of St. Berhtin's monastery of Therouanne near St. Omer, to preside over the secular clergy, after whose death" number-I less heavenly manifestations are wrought in prcxjf of his ' virtues.

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