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A history of crusaiders Vol.3. The Kingdom of Acre and Other by Runciman S

By Runciman S

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Benton (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987). 22. Thomas Garbaty, Medieval English Literature (Lexington, MA: D. C. Heath, 1984), p. 813. 23. M. T. Clanchy, From Memory to Written Record (1979; Oxford: Blackwell, 1993), p. 185. 2 Modes of Bible Reading in Early Modern England W. R. Owens In an article entitled ‘Books and scrolls: navigating the Bible’ (2002), Peter Stallybrass argues that what he calls ‘discontinuous reading’ has been central to Christianity ever since it adopted the codex in preference to the scroll.

1039–41) But, as pointed out in the TEAMS introduction to the text: When Thomas Chestre composed his version of the narrative, he drew on three earlier texts, two of which survive. The immediate and primary source for Chestre is the 538-line Middle English Sir Landevale, which is an adaptation from Marie de France. It has been preserved in a number of manuscripts and early printed books. Verbal echoes of Sir Landevale are pronounced in Chestre’s text; in fact, Chestre borrowed whole lines from it.

Writing was no longer just a means of preserving ‘oral literature’, but it was coming to be appreciated in and of itself. Around this time two important developments were coming about in England. First, English was beginning to assert itself as a language worthy of literature after centuries of domination by French. Second, the verse romance and its characteristic oral form were falling out of fashion. While verse itself was still valued, there seemed to be a new appreciation for novelty and innovation, which had previously been eschewed.

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