History 2

A Journey in Brazil by Louis Agassiz; Elizabeth Cary Agassiz

By Louis Agassiz; Elizabeth Cary Agassiz

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Leben in der amurritischen Welt : Nomaden und Sesshafte im Reich von Mari im 19. und 18. Jahrhundert vor Christus

Zu den Schätzen der Weltgeschichte gehört zweifellos das Palastarchiv von Mari, das es ermöglicht, Informationen aus der Binnenperspektive der nach antiken Schriftquellen im three. und 2. Jt. v. Chr. am Mittleren Euphrat und an seinen Nebenflüssen beheimateten amurritischen Bevölkerung zu gewinnen. Die Aufzeichnungen des Archivs enden mit der Zerstörung der einst mächtigen Handelsmetropole und Herrscherresidenz Mari durch ?

The Sistine Chapel - Its History and Masterpiece

For 5 hundred years the Sistine chapel has been some of the most very important areas tor the Christian religion and for the complete historical past of paintings. The work that disguise the partitions and ceiling of the chapel are particular masterpieces portraying the tale of humanity as meant through God, from the construction to the final Judgement.

Christen in Ägypten

Christen in Ägypten entspringt einer Ringvorlesung an der Universität Göttingen zu Geschichte und Gegenwart der christlichen Gemeinden im Nahen Osten. Die Ringvorlesung, die in das dritte Jahr geht, widmet sich als gemeinsame Veranstaltung des Lehrstuhls für Ökumenische Theologie und Orientalische Kirchen- und Missionsgeschichte und des Seminars für Ägyptologie und Koptologie der ganzen Bandbreite und der zweitausendjährigen Geschichte des Christentums im Nahen und Mitt¬leren Osten - einer religiösen Vielfalt, die heute einer unsicheren Zukunft entgegen¬blickt.

Heur et malheur des Français

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The Sander (liuciope1'ca Sand1'a) is found in the Danube and the other large rivers of Eastern Europe, but occurs neither in the Rhine nor in tbe Rhone. The common perch (Perca fluviatilis), on the contrary, is found both in the Rhine and Rhone, but not in the Danube, which, however, nourishes another species of true Perca, already described by Schaeffer as Pe1'ca vulga1·is. Again, the pickerel (Esox liucius) is common to all these rivers, especially in their lower course, and so is also the cusk (Lota vulga1·is).

There must of course have been a cause for tllis great accumulation of water in ancient periods. I account for it in the northern half of the hemisphere by the melting of vast masses of ice in the glacial period, causing immense freshets. There is no trustworthy accowlt of the river terraces in Brazil. Bates, however, describes flat-topped hills between Santarem and Para in the narrow part of the valley, near Almcyrim, rising 800 feet above the present level of the Amazons. If this part of the valley were flooded in old times, banks might have been formed of which these hills are a remnant.

L. A. VOYAGE FROM NEW YORK TO RIO DE JANEIRO. 29 Ap1'il 14th. -Last evening was the most beautiful we have bad since we left borne; perfectly clear witb tbe exception of soft white ~asses of cloud on the borizon, all their edges silvered by the moonlight. We looked our last for many months to come on tbe north star, and saw tbe southern cross for tbe first time. With the visible image I lost a far more wonderf-ul constellation whicb bad lived in my imagination; it has vanisbed with all its golden glory, a celestial vision as amazing as that whicb converted Constantine, and in its place stands the veritable constellation with its four little points of light.

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