A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism (Bilingual by Colin Baker

By Colin Baker

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Each answer attempts to give sufficient important information to help the inquirer. This means that there is a little duplication of content to achieve the selfsufficiency of each answer. Answers will lead to other questions, other answers. Hence, there is some cross-referencing in the book. Also an index at the back of the book will help readers to find other related topics to build on answers. The use of emboldening certain words is used to enable readers to quickly scan the text for important and relevant topics.

In families where the father goes out to work and the mother raises the children, it is not surprising that the term 'mother tongue' is used. In such a situation, the amount of time a mother spends with the child will clearly affect the nature and speed of the child's language development. It is not surprising that many mothers whose first language is different from the language of the community or region, still prefer to talk to their child in their first language. For such mothers, it is natural, vital and appropriate to use their dominant language with the child.

The monolingual can also travel to neighboring countries and, in a more passive way, experience other cultures. But to penetrate different cultures requires the language of that culture. To participate and become involved in the core of a culture requires knowing the language of that culture. The bilingual has an improved chance of actively penetrating the two language cultures. Within any language, there is a kaleidoscope of cultures. Monolinguals may be able to experience the periphery of the kaleidoscope of a different culture.

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