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A Plato reader : eight essential dialogues by Plato

By Plato

A Plato Reader bargains 8 of Plato's best-known works--Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo, Symposium, Phaedrus, and Republic--unabridged, expertly brought and annotated, and in largely renowned translations via C. D. C. Reeve, G. M. A. Grube, Alexander Nehamas, and Paul Woodruff.

The assortment positive aspects Socrates as its significant personality and a version of the tested existence. Its variety permits us to determine him in motion in very varied settings and philosophical modes: from the elenctic Socrates of the Meno and the dialogues referring to his trial and dying, to the erotic Socrates of the Symposium and Phaedrus, to the dialectician of the Republic.

Of Reeve's translation of this ultimate masterpiece, Lloyd P. Gerson writes, "Taking complete good thing about S. R. Slings' new Greek textual content of the Republic, Reeve has given us a translation either actual and limpid. Loving recognition to element and deep familiarity with Plato's proposal are obtrusive on each web page. Reeve's remarkable selection to forged the discussion into direct speech produces a compelling influence of immediacy unequalled via different English translations at the moment available."

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I’ll present substantial evidence of that—not words, but what you value, deeds. Listen, then, to what happened to me, so you may see that fear of death wouldn’t lead me to submit to a single person contrary to what’s just, not even if I were to perish at once for not submitting. The things I’ll tell you are of a vulgar sort commonly heard in the law courts, but they’re true nonetheless. You see, men of Athens, I never held any other public office in the city, but I’ve served on the Council. 19 That was unlawful, as you all came to recognize at a later time.

I told you the whole truth: it’s because they enjoy listening to people being examined who think they’re wise but aren’t. For it’s not unpleasant. In my case, however, it’s something, you may take it from me, I’ve been ordered to do by the god, in both oracles and dreams, and in every other way that divine providence ever ordered any man to do anything at all. All these things, men of Athens, are both true and easily tested. I mean, if I really do corrupt the young or have corrupted them in the past, surely if any of them had recognized when they became older that I’d given them bad advice at some point in their youth, they’d now have come forward themselves to accuse me and seek redress.

11 The brother is Chaerecrates. ” Next, I approached another man, one of those thought to be wiser than the first, and it seemed to me that the same thing occurred, and so I came to be disliked by that man too, as well as by many others. After that, then, I kept approaching one person after another. I realized, with distress and alarm, that I was arousing hostility. Nevertheless, I thought I must attach the greatest importance to what pertained to the god. So, in seeking what the oracle meant, I had to go to all those with any reputation for knowledge.

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