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A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive by Mughal K. A., Rasmussen R.

By Mughal K. A., Rasmussen R.

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The first 128 characters of the Unicode set are the same as the 128 characters of the 7-bit ASCII character set, and the first 256 characters of the Unicode set correspond to the 256 characters of the 8-bit ISO Latin-1 character set. 4 on page 570 for a discussion on character encodings. 79769313486231570e+308 32 CHAPTER 2: LANGUAGE FUNDAMENTALS Floating-point numbers conform to the IEEE 754-1985 standard. 12 shows the range of values for positive floating-point numbers, but these apply equally to negative floating-point numbers with the '-' sign as prefix.

A declaration can also include initialization code to specify an initial value for the variable: int i = 10, j = 101; long big = 2147483648L; // i is an int variable with initial value 10. // j is an int variable with initial value 101. // big is a long variable with specified initial value. In Java, variables can only store values of primitive datatypes and references to objects. 2. Object Reference Variables An object reference provides a handle for an object. References can be stored in variables.

However, from the program it can be seen that the local variable thePrice gets the value 100 in the last if-statement before it is used in the println statement. The compiler does not perform a rigorous analysis of the program in this regard. The program will compile correctly if the variable was initialized in the declaration, or if an unconditional assignment is made to the variable in the method. 36 CHAPTER 2: LANGUAGE FUNDAMENTALS Initializing Local Reference Variables Note that the same initialization rules that apply to local variables of primitive datatypes also apply to local reference variables.

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