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A Superior Death by Nevada Barr

By Nevada Barr

Less than the frigid waters of Lake more advantageous lies a sunken 1927 wreck-the ultimate resting position of its 5 sufferers. but if divers floor with a story of seeing a 6th physique, Anna Pigeon needs to holiday the nice Lake's grip on its icy secrets...

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Madison Adair did not witness her recognized mother's brutal homicide. yet she observed it. observed the gloved hand. . . felt the knife strike. . . knew her mother's terror. That was once an entire life in the past. however the nightmares have again; merely, this time they're of a faceless serial killer stalking girls in south Florida.

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A Superior Death

Lower than the frigid waters of Lake greater lies a sunken 1927 wreck-the ultimate resting position of its 5 sufferers. but if divers floor with a story of seeing a 6th physique, Anna Pigeon needs to holiday the good Lake's grip on its icy secrets and techniques. ..

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Patience knew how to put people at their ease, and Anna was glad to have been rescued from a mildewed bed aboard Pilchers boat. The hot shower, the strains of Rampal on the compact disc player, and the loan of one of Patiences flannel gowns were welcome luxuries at the end of a trying day. As Anna curled up on the sofa, Patience uncorked a bottle of Pinot Noir. Words of protest were in Annas mouth but Patience forestalled them. This is an excellent wine, she said. It warms without intoxicating.

He had a Canadian look. The closest Anna had come to describing it was voyageur. Many of the Canadian fishermen who frequented the island had the powerful, compact build of the voyageurs she had seen pictured in woodcuts from the trading days. More telling: he spoke with a distinct Canadian accent. Couldnt hurt, Anna replied. Landing lightly as a cat, he jumped down the four feet from the pier to the shore. Anna untied the drawstring of the waterproof sleeve around her middle. He caught her under the arms, lifted her out of the kayak, and set her up on the dock as easily as she could have lifted the five-year-old Alison.

Sandra Foxs comfortable voice came into her mind, telling her again of a high school girls relentless love of a boy. How it molded her career, shaped her life even into her early thirties. A week and a half ago Jo had married her high school boy. Now that boy was dead. At the moment, in Jos mind, Denny still lived. The instant Annas husband died, each minute that he had lived became a memory. The good were golden, the bad like an acid that burned in the mind. She hoped Jos thoughts these last precious minutes were not the kind that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

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