Agricultural Research Updates by Prathamesh Gorawala, Srushti Mandhatri

By Prathamesh Gorawala, Srushti Mandhatri

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The biggest decline in the farm outputs was in Fukushima prefecture, followed by Miyagi and Ibaraki prefectures (Figure 11). Due to the a decrease in production and/or farm gate 38 Hrabrin Bachev and Fusao Ito prices there was 24% decline of the output of Fukushima farms. For certain major products like rice, vegetables, fruits, industrial crops, raw milk and cattle meat the drop off were considerable (Figure 12). Source: Statistical yearbook of MAFF. Figure 12. Index of major farm outputs in most affected prefectures (2010=100).

3 Cropping itself has not been restricted and inspection carried at ex-post production- shipping stage. 4 Nevertheless, Fukushima prefecture and municipalities are strengthening their inspections for self-consumed agricultural products in recent months. g. nuclear tests in neighboring countries) radiation. 2 24 Hrabrin Bachev and Fusao Ito NGO and the Government are located across the street (50m of each other) but they often register different radiation in environment and food. Agri-food inspections and regulations are conducted in vertically segmented administration with ―own‖ policies and not well-coordinated procedures.

Figure 3. Effects of TEPCO nuclear plant accident on food industry (%, multiple answers). In order to facilitate communication with consumers in the big city, Fukushima organic agriculture network opened a shop cum restaurant in Tokyo in March 2013. Fukushima farmers sell agricultural products that passed radiation screening and serve Fukushima cuisine cooked with their vegetables. They believe that sincere dialogue between farmers and consumers on radiation is the most important factor for the restoration of agriculture in Fukushima [Takeuchi and Fujioka].

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