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All of you are one: The Social Vision of Gal 3:28, 1 Cor by Bruce Hansen

By Bruce Hansen

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Cf. Richard N. : Eerdmans, 1984), 33; Witherington, "Rite and Rights," 594; Albrecht Oepke, Der Brief des Paulus an die Galater (3rd ed; THKNT 9; Berlin: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 1964), 90; Raphael Loewe, The Position of Women in Judaism (London: SPCK, 1966), 43; R. Longenecker, Galatians, 157; F. F. : Eerdmans, 1982), 187. 46 Paulsen, "Einheit und Freiheit," 85; Schüssler Fiorenza, In Memory of Her, 217; Madeleine Boucher, "Some Unexplored Parallels to 1 Cor 11,11-12 and Gal 3,28: The NT and on the Role of Women," CBQ 31 (1969): 53-54.

75 He argues that family is the controlling metaphor 70 Meeks, First Urban, 75-77. Cf. Karl Olav Sandnes, A New Family: Conversion and Ecclesiology in the Early Church with Cross-Cultural Comparisons (Studies in the Intercultural History of Christianity 91; Bern: Peter Lang, 1994), 98-99. 71 Meeks, First Urban, 80-81. , 79, 86-88. , 84-107. 74 Banks, Paul's Idea of Community, 17-32. , 52-61. Cf. Sandnes, A New Family, 65, 73-82. 33 behind a wide range of Pauline expressions. 76 If, like Meeks, he had considered the broader field of inter-church relations that is manifest in the Pauline epistles, he might have noticed that the concept of an ethnic group embraces kinship networks and culture, as well as familial relations, and thus even more Pauline rhetoric than Banks recognized.

Smith’s oft-cited six-point definition of an ethnic group is exemplary in this regard. He asserts that for a group to be considered ethnic it requires: 1. an identifying name or emblem; 2. a myth of common ancestry; 3. shared historical memories and traditions; 4. one or more elements of common culture; 5. a link with an historic territory or ‘homeland’; 6. 21 We note that his items 2 and 5 support Boyarin’s summary of ethnicity in terms of genealogy and autochthony. Boyarin’s distillation receives even greater support when we note that those two items seem to be the most essential of Smith’s six criteria of ethnicity.

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