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An Honourable Rogue (Mills & Boon Historical Romance) by Carol Townend

By Carol Townend

Charmed and Seduced!Benedict Silvester is a rogue and a flirt! His ability as a musician ability he's regularly traveling...and he charms girls at any place he is going. but he's on a different project: to accompany Rozenn Kerber to England.Rose is annoyed with Ben's frivolous habit and frustrated that his depraved smile constantly occupies her ideas, for he can by no means supply the soundness she craves. yet on their travels, Rose starts off to suspect that he can have a major aspect, that Ben is greater than he appears....

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Spiritual and Demonic Magic: From Ficino to Campanella (Magic in History Series)

First released by way of the Warburg Institute in 1958, this publication is taken into account a landmark in Renaissance stories. while such a lot students had tended to view magic as a marginal topic, Walker confirmed that magic was once some of the most commonplace creations of the overdue 15th and 16th centuries. Walker takes readers during the magical issues of a few of the best thinkers of the Renaissance, from Marsilio Ficino, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, and Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples to Jean Bodin, Francis Bacon, and Tommaso Campanella.

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She had asked, pleased at this evidence that Adam still considered her his sister. 'He is perfectly well, mistress. " Rozenn had rubbed her forehead. 'Ivona and I are to leave Brittany! ' Her mind had whirled, and two thoughts emerged from the maelstrom. The first was that her adoptive mother would be thrown into utter confusion by Adam's request, and the second that she herself was interested, very interested, in this idea. ' 'Yes, mistress. ' Rozenn had blinked, absently reaching for the cross at her neck.

Sir Richard has your best interests at heart. at heart. She had fingered the cross Sir Richard had, rather shockingly, given her even while she had been married to Per. Sir Richard had offered for her! Once she would have thought such a thing impossible. But was it so incredible that Adam should wish to foster an alliance between his family and his good friend Sir Richard? After all, Adam was only the son of a horse-master, yet he had risen through the ranks and become a knight. And if that had happened, why should Rose not become a lady?

Lady Alis,' Rozenn murmured, heart sinking to the floor. " The stable boy's grin was knowing. He spoke through the straw in his mouth. ' The muscles in Rozenn's face seemed to have gone stiff, and for the life of her she was unable to smile back. Since she had decided to marry Sir Richard of Asculf, she should not care--it was no business of hers who Ben Silvester tumbled in the hay. And since she already knew what Ben was like, this was scarcely a surprise. But unfortunately, this was one time she could not walk away and pretend to be unaware.

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