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An Introduction to the Kabbalah by Moshe Hallamish, Ruth Bar-Ilan, Ora Wiskind-Elper

By Moshe Hallamish, Ruth Bar-Ilan, Ora Wiskind-Elper

Provides an creation to the area of the Kabbalah, targeting either the Kabbalist as someone and the most important teachings of the Kabbalah.

"An creation to the Kabbalah is a lucid, scintillating advisor to the esoteric teachings of Judaism. The ebook is especially readable with no sacrificing scholarly sophistication." -- Daniel Matt, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley; writer of The Essential Kabbalah and God and the large Bang

This publication acquaints the reader with the realm of the Kabbalah. the 1st half discusses the Kabbalist as an individual: the non-public transmission of Kabbalistic traditions, the Kabbalist’s characteristics and skills, necessities and early arrangements, dangers and achievements, in addition to concepts for uncovering mysteries and the resources of revelations. the second one half offers with the foremost subject matters within the teachings of the Kabbalah, similar to the doctrine of the Sefirot, the Sitra-Ahra--good and evil, the construction of the area, the prestige of the Torah and its commandments, the doctrine of the soul and the transmigration of souls. In treating those matters, the e-book additionally notes the assimilation of Kabbalistic notions in Jewish non secular customs.

"This is a vital paintings. It offers an summary of the area of Jewish mysticism with specific consciousness to the problems which are philosophically generated inside that culture. It examines those concerns in a phenomenological method, freed from the historiographical technique practiced via many scholars of Gershom Scholem. The publication addresses a few major facets of Jewish mysticism in gentle in their courting to common Jewish idea, now not within the mild of alternative traditions. It additionally presents the newcomer to the sphere with very important resources from around the historic continuum of the Kabbalah."-- Pinchas Giller, Washington collage

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Moses Cordovero, of blessed memory, balanced things out and investigated and amended in order to reduce the controversies and separate the food from the waste. 45 Historically, some of the details are questionable, but the essence of the above description is noteworthy: secrets are, indeed, revealed and to the extent that they are written down, they are conveyed by hints. The problem is not the source (which is divine), but rather the channel and method of communication, which are part of the human realm.

35 The same Kabbalist says elsewhere: "But it is necessary to experience purity and asceticism and fear of heaven and to serve God with love; and whoever has a defect should not draw near, and one should not walk on burning coals without purity and holiness, lest, heaven forbid, he finds the poison of vipers in what he expounds. And 'blessed is he who comes hither with his learning in his hand' [cf. "36 I have quoted here from three texts by R Aaron Berakhiah of Modena, an Italian Kabbalist of the seventeenth century, whose concern with the Kabbalist's qualifications speaks for itself.

L As it turns out, the sources are quite rich and diversified2 in their listing of all the necessary requirements for the study of Kabbalah. In the discussion below, I will refer to several categories of requirements, while singling out significant details. By way of introduction, let's begin with a beautiful and thoughtprovoking story, which may be subject to different interpretations: It happened that R. l:Ianina b. Dosa went to study Torah with R. Yol)anan ben Zakkai. The son of R. Yol)anan be Zakkai fell ill.

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