Archaeology and the Homeric Epic by Susan Sherratt, John Bennet

By Susan Sherratt, John Bennet

The connection among the Homeric epics and archaeology has lengthy suffered combined fortunes, swinging among 'fundamentalist' makes an attempt to exploit archaeology with the intention to exhibit the fundamental historicity of the epics and their history, and outright rejection of the concept that archaeology is able to contributing something in any respect to our realizing and appreciation of the epics. Archaeology and the Homeric Epic concentrates much less on historicity in favour of exploring numerous different, possibly occasionally extra indirect, ways that we will be able to use a multi-disciplinary process – archaeology, philology, anthropology and social heritage – to aid provide insights into the epics, the contexts in their potentially lengthy production, facets in their 'prehistory', and what they could have stood for at a variety of occasions of their lengthy oral and written background. the consequences of the Homeric epics at the historical past and well known reception of archaeology, specifically within the specific context of recent Germany, is additionally a subject that's explored the following. participants discover quite a few matters together with the relationships among visible and verbal imagery, the social contexts of epic (or sub-epic) construction or new edition, the jobs of bards and their relationships to kinds of consumers and audiences, the development and makes use of of 'history' as traceable via either epic and archaeology and the connection among 'prehistoric' (oral) and 'historical' (recorded in writing) sessions. all through, the emphasis is on context and its relevance to the production, transmission, new version and manipulation of epic within the current (or near-present) in addition to within the old Greek earlier.

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But at present the Lefkandi ‘Heroön’ burial complex remains effectively unique in the Early Iron Age, though some of its features can be paralleled in other burials, and it can only be used to show that a burial of relative magnificence was possible then, a fact unknown to earlier generations of scholars, who assumed that any suggestion of magnificence must reflect Mycenaean times. The dress of high-ranking women is another area where the picture is consistently post-Mycenaean. The poems make no clear references to typical Mycenaean finery, neither the elaborate dresses shown in the frescoes nor the rich range of beads represented in the archaeological material.

Jh. v. , wo beispielsweise die Götter konkret am Kampfgeschehen um Troia teilnahmen, 2. auch im Zeitalter der griechischen und der römischen Antike und 3. in der Epoche des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit, als der Troiamythos mehr und mehr ausgeschmückt wurde. indb 30 11/30/2016 5:08:43 PM 3. Dream and Reality in the Work of Heinrich Schliemann and Manfred Korfmann 31 Gründerzeit des 19. Jh. n. Chr. h. mit Heinrich Schliemann und den ersten international beachteten Ausgrabungsergebnissen der Archäologie.

Already in this brief résumé, Korfmann hints that for him too ‘reality’ is a charged term. Like Schliemann before him, Korfmann polarises dream (or myth) and reality in such a way as to make the archaeologist appear properly in charge of the latter. This time, the polarisation is not achieved autobiographically but historically. That is to say, it is not Korfmann himself who was dreaming and then discovered reality. Now it is the whole world who has made, historically, that transition: These are the beginnings of a scholarly approach … The advent of print made publishing scholarly findings relatively cheap.

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