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Aristotle and His World View by Franz Clemens Brentano

By Franz Clemens Brentano

Edited and translated by way of Rolf George and Roderick M. Chisholm.

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The words “admirable,” “commendable,” and “praiseworthy” are quite a bit better, to my ear, and they will come in for use occasionally in the sequel (mostly outside the discussion of the Hippias Major). But they are all misleading in the same way: they build into the word an implicit reference to a third person, doing or potentially doing some admiring, commending, or praising, and there is nothing in the morphology of the original word to correspond to this. 31 If that is so, some of the things Socrates says that seem innocent at first sight are in fact substantive claims.

A search for a definition would never succeed unless one of the participants was already in a position to give it. There is a weaker, and consequently less implausible, version of the assumption that comes of replacing “be able to say” in it by “know”: (IA1 ) To know that . . F —, one must know what the F, or Fness, is. 43 44 45 See Rawls (1971) 51 = (1999) 44: “A theory of justice is subject to the same rules of method as other theories. ” A definition that, as I seem to recall, appeared in an older edition of Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.

SOC: Then when do you say it’s better to do these things? Tell me what definition you define {e«p• t©na Âron ¾r©zh€}. POL: No – you answer that, Socrates. SOC: Well, Polus, if it pleases you to hear it from me, I say – whenever someone does these things justly, it’s better, and whenever unjustly, worse. ” Here the translation “defined” is quite common,8 but the force of the objection is precisely that being loved by the gods fails to separate things pious from things impious. And the immediately subsequent appearance (9d5) of Þr©sqai gets its force from this.

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