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Aristotle's Theory of Substance: The Categories and by Michael V. Wedin

By Michael V. Wedin

Michael Wedin argues opposed to the present suggestion that Aristotle's perspectives at the nature of fact are essentially inconsistent. in keeping with Wedin's new interpretation, the variation among the early conception of the Categories and the later concept of the Metaphysics displays the truth that Aristotle is engaged in rather various tasks within the works--the previous concentrating on ontology, and the in a while explanation.

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X1 and x2 are in the 0-level 〈 F〉synonymy group & G is said-of F→ x1 and x2 are in the 〈 G〉synonymy group. Ultimately, the chain of synonymy groups will include the appropriate category term. Thus, the 0-level 〈 Man〉synonymy group leads via TR to substance and the 0-level 〈 White〉synonymy group leads to quality. 44 The situation may be even worse. For if TR operates only on nominal terms, collecting terms such as ‘just’ will not even get us off ground floor. Of course, this ceases to be a difficulty when we move up a level to justice, the property introduced by ‘just’.

Aristotle says simply that sometimes the name of a quality can be predicated of a subject but not the definition. So we should be able to say what underlies his worry without adducing (a). The trouble must lie with (b), as it stands. Recall that when Aristotle introduces the three onymies he does not yet have MO's distinction between being-in a subject and being said-of a subject. In the single case, difference of ending is the only device Aristotle has to register a different way for a term to apply to its subject.

THE PLAN OF THE CATEGORIES 17 and that type-IV items are the nonsubstantial universals that are said-of them. One, fairly obvious, strategy for bringing the three onymies into the Categories as a whole is to map them onto MO. Most versions of this strategy fail and it will be instructive to see why. Ackrill26 and Loux,27 for example, find homonymy at work in 2a29–34, In some cases there is nothing to prevent the name from being predicated of the subject, but it is impossible for the definition to be predicated.

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