Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining Applications in the by Shahab D. Mohaghegh (Ed.), Saud M. Al-Fattah (Ed.), Andrei

By Shahab D. Mohaghegh (Ed.), Saud M. Al-Fattah (Ed.), Andrei S. Popa (Ed.)

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19. : “Fuzzy-Grey-Element Relational Decision-Making Analysis and Its Application,” paper SPE 39579 presented at the 1998 SPE India Oil and Gas Conference, New Delhi, India, 17–19 February. 20. : “An Investigation Into the Application of Fuzzy Logic to W ell Stimulation T reatment Design,” paper SPE 27672 presented at the 1994 SPE Permian Basin Oil and Gas Recovery Conference, Midland, Texas, 16–18 March. 21. : “Fuzzy Logic Contr ols Pressure in Fracturing Fluid Characterization Facility,” paper SPE 28239 pr esented at the 1994 SPE Petroleum Computer Conference, Dallas, 31 July–3 August.

11. , and the PDP Research Group: Parallel Distributed Processing: Exploration in the Microstructure of Cognition-Psychological and Biological Models, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (1986) Chap. 2. 12. : "Vsing An Expert System To Identify the Well-Test Interpretation Model," 1PT (May 1990) 654. 7 Then we explain the stepby-step learning procedure. We use Fig. I to clarify the derivation procedure. Backpropagation Learning Rule. , links between Layers i and k). , links between Layers i and j). Define the net input to a node in Layer j from Pattern P as lpk= EWjkOpj' .................................

Parameters such as porosity and permeability could not be included owing to lack of detailed zone-by-zone data. As a consequence, the effect of reservoir parameters on productivity cannot be extracted from the present study. , for the wells. Hence, the correlations found are valid strictly for the data sets under study only. e. e. Resinex lignosulfonate (RLS) mud (1), inverted oil emulsion mud (2) or chalk mud (3) Perforation size Perforation phasing Perforation density TYPE PERFL HEIGHT DEV OPGRAD DD EXPOTC EXPOTM MGRAD PERFD ACID The reliability of multivariate analysis depends on the individual parameters being independent of each other.

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