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This ebook is stuffed with transparent notes and exam-style perform questions masking each AS Physics subject for the Edexcel tests. the complete thing’s designed to make revision ordinary - every thing you must comprehend is defined easily and punctiliously, helped by way of full-colour diagrams. It encompasses a part on How technology Works and lots of examination counsel. There’s additionally a sprinkling of jokes to lighten the temper. It’s precisely what you must arrange in your assessments!

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Extra resources for AS-Level Physics Edexcel Complete Revision & Practice

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UNIT 1: SECTION 2 — MATERIALS 37 Viscosity Viscous Drag Acts on Objects Moving Through Fluids When an object moves through a fluid, you get friction between the surface of the object and the fluid. This is viscous drag — it’s the same effect as the friction between fluid elements that move past each other (p. 35). You can calculate the force due to viscous drag on a spherical object moving through a fluid using Stokes’ law. Stokes’ law can be written as: F = 6ph rv F is the viscous drag (N), h (eta) is the viscosity of the fluid (Nsm–2 or Pa◊s), r is the radius of the object (m) and v is the speed the object is moving at (ms–1).

This force is the upthrust. wooden The size of the upthrust is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by block block the object — this is Archimedes’ principle and it’s true for all fluids. rises Upthrust = weight of fluid displaced Practice Questions Q1 How does the rate of flow of a fluid depend on its viscosity? Q2 How does the rate of flow of most fluids depend on their temperature? Exam Questions Q1 Q2 A student dropped a marble into a measuring cylinder full of water. The marble sank slowly to the bottom.

Stokes’ law can be written as: F = 6ph rv F is the viscous drag (N), h (eta) is the viscosity of the fluid (Nsm–2 or Pa◊s), r is the radius of the object (m) and v is the speed the object is moving at (ms–1). Fluids Exert Upthrust on Immersed Objects 1) 2) 3) 4) When you float an object on water, the weight of the object is balanced by an opposing force from the water. If you try to push the object under the water, it will spring back to the surface as soon as you let go. The force that ‘pushes’ the object upwards is called upthrust — it’s caused by fluid pressure.

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