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Autobiography of Madame Guyon by Madame Guyon

By Madame Guyon

Humans are looking to direct God rather than resigning themselves to be directed by means of Him. they need to teach Him a fashion, rather than passively following that in which He leads them. accordingly many souls, referred to as to get pleasure from God Himself, and never slightly His presents, spend all their lives in operating after little consolations, and feeding on them resting there simply, making all their happiness to consist therein. you're invited to learn Madame Guyon s autobiography and choose for your self if her studies and writings are ones to sentence or condone.

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Make trial of this love, and you will be wiser in it than the most skillful philosophers. In love, as in everything else, experience instructs better than reasoning. Come then, drink at this fountain of living waters, instead of the broken cisterns of the creature, which far from allaying your thirst, only tend continually to augment it. Did ye once drink at this fountain, ye would not seek elsewhere for anything to quench your thirst; for while ye still continue to draw from this source, ye would thirst no longer after the world.

Though the husband provided was a more advantageous match than I merited, yet I did not think him such. The figure which the others made, who had offered to me before, was vastly more engaging. Their rank would have placed me in view. Whatever did not flatter my vanity, was to me insupportable. Yet this very vanity was, I think, of some advantage; it hindered me from falling into such things as cause the ruin of families. I would not do anything which in the eye of the world, might render me culpable.

And when I tried vain efforts to get out, I only sunk the deeper, and each fruitless attempt only made me see my own impotence, and rendered me more afflicted. How does this apply to my own life? Oh, how much compassion has this sad experience given me for sinners. It has taught me why so few of them emerge from the miserable state into which they have fallen. Such as see it only cry out against their disorders, and frighten them with threats of future punishment! These cries and threats at first make some impression, and they use some weak efforts after liberty, but, after having experienced their insufficiency, they gradually abate in their design, and lose their courage for trying any more.

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