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Beginning WF : Windows Workflow in .NET 4.0 by Mark J Collins

By Mark J Collins

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Xaml. xaml file and choose Rename, as shown in Figure 4-5. xaml. 48 CHAPTER 4 n PASSING ARGUMENTS Figure 4-5. xaml in code view. xaml file (in design mode). You will now define the arguments into and out of the workflow. Click the Argument button at the bottom left of the workflow designer. An empty collection of arguments should be displayed, as shown in Figure 4-6. Figure 4-6. The initial (empty) Arguments list 49 CHAPTER 4 n PASSING ARGUMENTS n Tip You might recall from Chapter 1 that variables had a specified scope.

You used this before for the If and While Condition property. For its constructor, it uses a lambda expression just as you did for the Condition property. Sequence In the While activity, you created an empty Sequence for the Execute property. This defines the sequence of activities that will be executed every time the while loop is iterated. FromSeconds(1) } } This code adds three activities to this Sequence: • • • A WriteLine activity to display the counter An Assign activity to increment the counter A Delay activity to force a short pause between iterations For this WriteLine activity, the Text property is not a literal string as the other ones were.

Figure 3-11. FlowSwitch connections 39 CHAPTER 3 n FLOWCHART WORKFLOW Enter an appropriate Text property on each of the WriteLine activities, such as “Happy Summer”. The “Default” activity should never be executed because you have defined a branch for each possible value of the Expression. However, it is useful to have it here in case there are problems with the Expression or any of the Case values. ToString() Running the Application Press F5 to run the application. Depending on the date and time, your results should be similar to these: Hello, World!

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