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Beyond the Verse: Talmudic Readings and Lectures by Emmanuel Levinas

By Emmanuel Levinas

A suite of essays relationship from among 1969 and 1980, treating particular Jewish difficulties: exegetic technique, issues of Jewish doctrine, Jewish non secular philosophy, and modern political and cultural matters. additionally it is 5 Talmudic readings. The publication could be of large curiosity among the philosophical and non secular neighborhood at huge.

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At least the beginning of the Talmudic extract that we have chosen gives us the sense of the problems faced in the cities in which men like ourselves live. It concerns, as you will see, cities which bear witness to a very high level of civilization, and to a humanism which is certainly authentic. But it is a completely different mode or potential of spirituality, a new attention to the human, and placed, as it were, above humanism which will enlighten us in the Jerusalem of the Torah, which is perhaps defined as a consciousness more conscious than consciousness.

I think that the night is the critical moment of great collectivities founded on the organization of functions rather than on personal contacts. At night, everyone goes home. It is private life. Disintegration and individualism. It is the night which threatens with disintegration 24 BEYOND THE VERSE and anarchy the large society built on economic solidarity, the society of our great States, built, precisely, on economic solidarity - the society of our great modern States. Let us read what follows: R.

Eleazar (b. Pedath) of, Who can utter the mighty acts of the Lord, (who can) show forth all His praise? (Psalms 106: 2) as, Who is fit to utter the mighty acts of the Lord? He (only) who is able to show forth all His praise! But the Rabbis, or some say Rabbah b. Mari, interpreted the same, who delighteth in multitude has increase, as, Whoever [that is, the master] delighteth in the multitude (of scholars) has increase (of scholars), and the eyes of the schoolmen turned on Rabbah the son of Raba.

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