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Black Bag Jobs by Gareth Hanrahan

By Gareth Hanrahan


The Laundry – maintaining the uk from the scum of the multiverse. more often than not, saving the realm is a nine to five activity. Clock in each morning. consider your lifestyles tick away with each one assembly and every unnecessary little bit of bureaucracy. Stare at a display and think your mind leaking out via your ears. try and retain the boredom from killing you. Clock out within the night and slouch home.

It's by no means strong after they name you into the workplace at 4 within the morning. Any venture that doesn't healthy at the common day planner is unavoidably ghastly. They contain issues with too many tentacles, those who are looking to kill you, and secrets and techniques that suggest you'll by no means sleep good back. preserve your mouth close and your head down, and also you may well simply make it in the course of the evening. Screw up, and it's totally attainable you simply doomed humanity to a destiny worse than death.

No pressure.

Black Bag Jobs comprises six self-contained missions on your Laundry crusade. From the war-torn hillsides of Afghanistan to the corridors of strength in Whitehall, from yoga classes in Devon to the top of the realm, it's time to wreck in and scouse borrow the secrets and techniques of fact, like:

  • The fact approximately social networking
  • How to weaponize a shoggoth
  • Management secrets and techniques of the timeless priests
  • What the Auditors fear
  • How to organize for the apocalypse
  • … and what occurs after.
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    eISBN: 978-1-6167-3577-7

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    Wonderful, in fact. Having their brains eaten by demons might improve RASIP. Anyway, this is Geoffrey Piper from GCHQ. Say hello, Mr. ’ 30 Interrogating Geoffrey Geoffrey Piper is a 28-year old analyst from GCHQ and he knows that his career is hanging by a very, very slender thread. He will do anything to get that laptop back and save himself from an embarrassing scandal. His recollection of events is as follows: He left the Laundry’s New Annex at 10:45am and hailed a black cab from outside. The cabbie regaled him with insider gossip on the reshuffle, the state of the economy, internal geopolitics and how the Illuminati were really to blame for everything before dropping him off at Admiralty Arch.

    This CD is definitely restricted and should not be on the loose. Having it outside a secure Laundry facility is problematic; three corpses and a stolen laptop constitutes a definite security breach. 33 Black Bag Jobs 5. Blue Light Special Let’s recap the plan for a moment. Stanley Gubbins arranged for the laptop to be stolen. His plan is to let Angleton wither in the scornful gaze of the minister, then ‘recover’ the laptop and save the day, lining himself up neatly to take Angleton’s job after the inquiry.

    CTHULHU... sorry about that, sir. ’ Gubbins’ focus on the telephone can be his undoing. If the characters manage to distract him, or to ruin his pitch to the minister, then his concentration collapses and the geas field dissipates. Once this happens, Gubbins knows the game is up and surrenders to the characters. He is confidant he will be able to talk his way out of trouble at some later time. Sadly (for him), he is mistaken. As soon as Gubbins surrenders, move onto the next section... 7. Lost and Found There is a gunshot and Gubbins’ head jerks back.

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