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Blends Dyeing by John Shore

By John Shore

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One-bath methods generally are thus excluded and only a twobath sequence can be considered. 3 INTERACTION BETWEEN ANIONIC DYES AND BASIC DYES The range of bright colour contrasts is much wider on AB blends than on all other types of binary blend because the fibres carry opposite charges and ionic dyes are much more selective than disperse dyes. The opposite charges carried by the dyes, however, lead to incompatibility in one-bath dyeing. 2). It is highly likely that precipitation of the complex formed would occur even when applied in pale depths.

Mechanical retention in yarn crevices may play a part in the initial deposition, since particle size and stability of the dye dispersion are important. Staining tends to decrease with the concentration and anionic charge of the stabilising agents present in the dye dispersion, but the magnitude of the effect is specific to the types of dye and agent. In a recent investigation of the kinetics of polyester/wool dyeing and the wool staining problem, polyester and wool fabrics in the weight ratio 55:45 were used to allow the disperse dye uptake by both components to be determined independently [10].

Above the Contents Home 42 DYNAMIC COMPETITION BETWEEN FIBRE TYPES IN THE DYEING OF BLENDS second-order transition temperature, however, dyeing of the acrylic component can take place. The thermodynamic affinity of a basic dye for the acrylic fibre is much higher than for wool. By the time that the dyebath reaches the boiling temperature, most of the basic dye initially taken up by the wool has been transferred to the acrylic component. This transfer proceeds during treatment of the fibre blend at the boil even after exhaustion of the basic dye from the dyebath is virtually complete.

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