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Blood of the Wolf (Werewolf: the Forsaken) by Matthew McFarland, Peter Schaefer, Wayne Peacock

By Matthew McFarland, Peter Schaefer, Wayne Peacock

Center of the Predator

What's it wish to have the soul of a beast and the calling of a monster, all hid in the epidermis of somebody? How do you reside one of the human herd whilst your instincts let you know they're prey? what kind of pressure does shapeshifting have in your procedure? What does it suggest to have the blood of the wolf?

A personality publication for Werewolf: The Forsaken™

*Practical details on how werewolves do something about either the desolate tract and the city jungle
*Expanded details on werewolf body structure; new shapeshifting methods, regeneration, and more
*Expanded info on wolf-blooded characters (the offspring of werewolves and people) and their position within the setting
*A bevy of recent ideas and personality suggestions make this an "advanced player's guide"

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Fur becomes coarser and thins somewhat, especially near the muzzle. Teeth may Aging Chapter I: Flesh and Blood chip and yellow. The Gauru form exhibits a mix of all these characteristics. Just as a human can look at another and guess at his age, the People are able to estimate age from a look. Becoming a werewolf doesn’t reverse the effects of mortal aging or change the way a werewolf looks. A werewolf who experiences the First Change at age 18 doesn’t suddenly look nine. One who experiences it at age 60 neither appears 30 nor regains mobility lost to aging joints.

Greer hadn’t gotten anything out of her, so now it was Gavin’s turn. The woman had agreed to a polygraph. He smiled. A polygraph was usually enough to scare the truth out of people. He looked at the copy of her driver’s license in his file: she had straight, dirty-blonde hair and looked tired. He thought she might look better if she just smiled. He opened the door and went in. “Hello there, Sara. My name is Detective Holmes. ” She nodded. ” She nodded again. “All right, then. We’re going to start with a couple of easy questions to calibrate the machine.

Whether either theory has some truth to it or they are both wishful thinking, few can say. If there are any safeguards, they do not apply to a werewolf-to-be if she conceives after the nightmares heralding the Change begin — once the process starts, nothing can stop it. So many unpredictable and undeniably dangerous events occur during the time preceding the First Change — and the night of the Change itself — that infants in vivo have an alarmingly low survival rate. A child who experiences his mother’s First Change from the womb and survives is born normally, but he has a somewhat higher chance of experiencing the First Change for himself some day.

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