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Book of Madness: Whispers Without, Chaos Within (Mage: The by Zach Bush, Richard Dansky, Bryan Armor, Heather Grove, Will

By Zach Bush, Richard Dansky, Bryan Armor, Heather Grove, Will van Meter, David Wendt

The Darkness has Teeth

Beyond the Horizon, darkish forces claw on the edges of sanity, battering on the textile of truth, looking ultimate night:
Nephandi, the Corrupters
Marauders, the Foot-Soldiers of Chaos
Demons, the Renders of Souls
Paradox Spirits, the Mage's Bane
Umbrood, the dwelling Mysteries

What are they? Why are they? will we stand opposed to all of them? And what if we cannot?
...And It Hungers!

The ebook of insanity is a bestiary for Mage: The Ascension, exploring the darker reaches of magick's contact. It includes:

information about a mage's deadliest foes;
Dozens of mystic creatures from the darkish Side;
Storyteller tricks, cosmology, and more.

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And, of course, with enough time and effort, a Nephandus can slowly reshape a spirit's motives and nature so that it, too, becomes an entity of negation and a willing servant.... While the phrase "Qlippothic Time" soun8slike a ®LIPP©THIC PFJITie bad joke, its effects are anything but. The dark reflecPrime maf lie the raw stuff of ;Creation, but tion of the Time Sphere is the magic of j agged dissolution Qlippothic Prime is the pure matter of destruction. ',. - •««l%'s "f^1fl%' the unbridled power of negation, the absence of Prime (or God, depending upon whom you ask), and its use is like the touch of the Void.

1'vegotabuddy named Sabine who works in an antiquarian bookstore. " With a low whistle, Sheldon sat up. "I'm impressed. " Devin dropped it on the desk, where his friend immediately started paging through it. "The rumors make it sound like this thing was written in the nether pits of Hell at the dawn fteeic Rescue! Yes, it's possible to rescue someone from the Gaul. If the individual stands ground and does not move, then the victim cannot be touched — at least, unless another Nephandus enters and does some wetwork, or one of the Things becomes curious enough to investigate the delay.

They, more than Infemalists, pack up and move frequently, leaving behind a trail of victims and abandoned lairs. Infemalists tend to be more settled, better camoflauged and more thoroughly devoted to long-term plans. An Infernal Nephandus' library is important to him, as are his tools of ritual and suchlike, and as suchNephandi of that affiliation tend to be slightly slower to abandon their dens and start over. There is a defensive aspect to the Labyrinths as well, as the Nephandi have learned the lesson of 1945 well.

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