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Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System 6th by Society for Neuroscience

By Society for Neuroscience

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If these functions are aspects of stress. left mobilized and unchecked, disease can develop. Some actions During the past several decades, researchers have found that stress both helps and harms the body. When confronted with a crucial physical challenge, properly controlled stress responses can of the calming branch appear to reduce the harmful effects of the emergency branch’s response to stress. The brain’s third major communication process is the neuroen- provide the extra strength and energy needed to cope.

The diagnosis patients have severe behavioral disturbances and may even become depends on medical history, physical and neurological examina- psychotic. In the final stages, the affected individual is incapable of tions, psychological testing, laboratory tests, and brain imaging self-care and becomes bed-bound. Patients usually die from pneu- studies. New brain imaging strategies promise to enable doctors to monia or some other complication of immobility. AD, which in visualize AD neuropathology during life.

Synapses, just as younger animals do. But the response is more sluggish and not as large. Compared with younger rats, older rats have less growth of the new blood vessels that nourish neurons. Another study showed that brain cells in rats given acrobatic training had more synapses per cell than rats given only physical exercise or rats that were inactive. The scientists concluded that Society for Neuroscience aging | Brain Facts 35 Neural Disorders: Advances and Challenges In this n Addiction n Alzheimer’s Disease n Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis n Anxiety Disorders n Attention 36 Chapter — Addiction Drug abuse is one of the nation’s most serious health problems.

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