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Brain Tumors - Current and Emerging Therapeutic Strategies by Ana Lucia Abujamra

By Ana Lucia Abujamra

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Intracerebral inoculation of polyoma virus induces a high incidence of intracranial sarcomas in experimental animals, increasing their impact in terms of age of the animal (Rabson and Kirschstein, 1960). However, when inoculated cells transformed in vitro with the same virus, tumors of astrocytic aspect can be seen. The SV-40 virus shows no oncogenic effect in monkeys, a species from which it was originally obtained, but it is one of the more capable oncogenic virus in rodents. Intracerebral inoculation in hamsters induces the development of ventricular tumors that were classified as ependymoma, choroid plexus papillomas and meningeal sarcomas.

However the last approach has some disadvantages. Recently, it has been shown that RNA isolated from FFPE is a poor material for gene expression analysis due to its deep degradation [Farragher et al. 2006; SanchezNavarro et al. 2010]. Molecular Diagnostics of Brain Tumours by Measuring the 5-Methylcytosine Level in Their DNA 43 Formalin fixation and paraffin embedding is the most commonly used method worldwide for tissue storage. This method preserves the tissue integrity but causes extensive damage to nucleic acids within the tissue.

Thus, local application of nitrosoureas can induce the formation of local tumors, but when these compounds are administered by intravenous injection, they can produce tumors that are spread throughout the body. 4 Hormonal and immunological factors The possible influence of hormones on chemical carcinogenesis was first indicated by Ivankovic (1969) and Alexandrov (1973). They found that pregnant mice, when injected one or more doses of MNU, developed a high incidence of tumors of the uterus, vagina and breast cancer, however, when similar doses were administered in non-pregnant rats the results were different.

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