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Buddhist Scriptures (Penguin Classics) by Edward Conze (translator)

By Edward Conze (translator)

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As for myself, praise and contempt are surely the same. But in your own interest you should be warned against behaving in a manner which will bring you harm. It is for the weal of the world that a Buddha has won enlightenment, and the welfare of all that lives has been his aim. ' So spoke the great seer, the best of all speakers, filled with compassion. But, led astray by delusion and a deficiency in spiritual solidity, they answered him with a slight smile on their faces: 'Gautama, so far the supreme and most excellent austerities have not led you to an understanding of true reality!

Son, wife and father, mother, wealth, The things wealth brings, the ties of kin: Leaving these pleasures one and all, Fare lonely as rhinoceros. They are but bonds, and brief their joys, And few their sweets, and more their ills, Hooks in the throat! - this knowing, sure, Fare lonely as rhinoceros. With downcast eyes, not loitering, With guarded senses, warded thoughts, With mind that festers not, nor burns, Fare lonely as rhinoceros. Shed thou householders' finery, As coral tree its leaves in fall: And going forth in yellow clad, Fare lonely as rhinoceros.

The seven others were handed over to the seven kings, one to each. And these rulers, thus honoured by the Mallas, returned to their own kingdoms, joyful at having achieved their purpose. There, with the appropriate ceremonies, they erected in their capital cities Stupas for the relics of the Seer. 23. The Scriptures In due course the five hundred Arhats assembled in Rajagriha, on the slope of one of its five mountains, and there and then they collected the sayings of the great Sage, so that his Dharma might abide.

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