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Conference Proceedings on Vortex Flow Aerodynamics by ADVISORY GROUP FOR AEROSPACE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT


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Nent Is affected somewhat. Kandil et al. (Ref. Finally the Eulerian/Lagrangian scheme proposed by Felici & Drela (Ref. 165) is to be mentioned. In this scheme numerical diffusion of the Euler solution in vortical flow regions is reduced by locally correcting the Euler solution employing a Lograngian (vorticity and entropy) particle-tracking solution. 6. Transonic flow H. 85. e. using both the second- and the fourth-difference dissipative terms. 0. 2 -17 -0A 02 a) "MEDIUM" GRID 144x38x28 Fig.

E. Further note that compressibility has a considerable effect on the shape of the vortex core. Increasing the Mach number results in a more flattened vortex core, which as a result of the interaction with the cross-flow shock is at a more inboard location. As for the lower Mach number the total-prepsure loss at the center of the core does not vary very much with longitudinal distance along the vortex core. 0M - -ra a) "MEDIUM" -" GRID 288x76x56 Contours of equal total-pressure loss in near-wake cross-flow plane ("fine" grid) refinement does not result in new flow features and differences between computed and measured results.

The latter case relates to the supersonic flow about a conical geometry. e. is conical), is exact for supersonic flow, and approximate for subsonic flow about slender conical configuretions. For viscous flow the streamwise coordinate cannot be eliminated from the viscous terms, which leads to the notion of "locally conically" flow in which the Reynolds number determines the location of the cross-flow plane (or intersection with a sphere centered at the apex). The assumption of conical similarity reduces the 3D problem to a 2D problem in the cross-flow plane.

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