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In Defense of the Accidental: Philosophical Studies by Odo Marquard

By Odo Marquard

The seven essays amassed during this e-book deal with the background of recent principles and modern cultural matters. the 1st is the discourse of Marquard's attractiveness of the Sigmund Freud prize; the second one addresses the equivalence of modernity and the theodice?; the 3rd confronts the belief of "meaning"; the fourth considers the concept of global background; the 5th addresses global alienation; the 6th bargains with the human sciences; and the 7th is a mediation on probability and success as crucial elements of the human situation.

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A Plea for Unsensational Sense Sense—and this one ought to know—is always the nonsense one lets go. A prime instance of this is the nonsense of aiming directly at sense or meaning, which, while it makes the problem of sense or meaning sensational, plunges human beings into unhappiness: into the experience of the void of meaning, into despair, and, in the extreme case, into a reversal of the direct aim at meaning—into the direct, demonstrative negation of meaning that is accomplished by suicide.

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