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Photocatalysis by J. Augustyński, B. D. Alexander, R. Solarska (auth.), Carlo

By J. Augustyński, B. D. Alexander, R. Solarska (auth.), Carlo Alberto Bignozzi (eds.)

Content material: steel Oxide Photoanodes for Water Splitting, through J. Augustynski, B. D. Alexander and R. Solarska; Hydrogen creation with Nanostructured and Sensitized steel Oxides , via Stefano Caramori, Vito Cristino, Laura Meda, Roberto Argazzi and Carlo Alberto Bignozzi; floor Nanostructures in Photocatalysts for Visible-Light-Driven Water Splitting, through Kazuhiko Maeda and Kazunari Domen; synthetic Photosynthesis demanding situations: Water Oxidation at Nanostructured Interfaces, via Mauro Carraro, Andrea Sartorel, Francesca Maria Toma, Fausto Puntoriero, Franco Scandola, Sebastiano Campagna, Maurizio Prato and Marcella Bonchio; Photocatalytic aid of CO2: From Molecules to Semiconductors, by way of Tatsuto Yui, Yusuke Tamaki, Keita Sekizawa and Osamu Ishitani; layout of Heterogeneous Photocatalysts in response to steel Oxides to regulate the Selectivity of Chemical Reactions, by way of Andrea Maldotti and Alessandra Molinari

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Hodes G, Howell IDJ, Peter LM (1992) Nanocrystalline photoelectrochemical cells. J Electrochem Soc 139:3136–3140 18. Augustynski J (1988) Aspects of photo-electrochemical and surface behaviour of titanium (IV) oxide. Struct Bonding 69:1–61 and refs therein 19. Nakamura R, Nakato Y (2004) Primary intermediates of oxygen photo-evolution reaction on TiO2 (rutile) particles, revealed by in situ FTIR absorption and photoluminescence measurements. J Am Chem Soc 126:1290–1298 20. Cowan AJ, Tang J, Leng W et al (2010) Water splitting by nanocrystalline TiO2 in a complete photoelectrochemical cell exhibits efficiencies limited by charge recombination.

De Cogan D, Lonergan GA (1974) Electrical conduction in Fe2O3 and Cr2O3. Solid State Commun 15:1517–1519 65. Gardner RFG, Sweett F, Tanner DW (1963) The electrical properties of alpha ferric oxide II: ferric oxide of high purity. J Phys Chem Solids 24:1183–1186 66. Iordanova N, Dupuis M, Rosso KM (2005) Charge transport in metal oxides: a theoretical study of hematite a-Fe2O3. J Chem Phys 122:144305–144310 67. Thimsen E, Biswas S, Lo CS, Biswas P (2009) Predicting the band structure of mixed transition metal oxides: theory and experiment.

Mo6þ, respectively. In contrast to the case of Pt4þ [70], a substantial degree of surface enrichment was found for both Cr and Mo. Unlike the cases of Pt4þ and Mo6þ doping, where reports as to their effects on photocurrents have varied depending on the thin film preparation method, doping iron oxide with small amounts of Al3þ has been shown to yield consistent improvements in photoelectrochemical performance. Jorand Sartoretti et al. observed an increase in IPCE from ca. % Al [59, 60]. These were accompanied by an increase in the measured photocurrent density which was also sensitive to a thermal treatment and the presence of other dopants.

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