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PHP 5 in practice by Elliott White, Jonathan D. Eisenhamer

By Elliott White, Jonathan D. Eisenhamer

With the discharge of Hypertext Preprocessor five net builders desire a consultant to constructing with personal home page five to either examine its complicated new gains and extra absolutely enforce the long-standing gains on which PHP's luck is outfitted. PHP five in perform is a reference guide that offers builders with easy-to-use and simply extensible code to resolve universal Hypertext Preprocessor difficulties. It specializes in delivering actual code options to difficulties, permitting the reader to benefit by means of seeing precisely what's taking place backstage to get your resolution. simply because a real-life state of affairs will infrequently fit the book's instance difficulties accurately, PHP five in perform explains the answer good sufficient that you're going to realize it and will how to actually remedy your personal challenge.

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The function starts by using ucwords() to capitalize every word in the string. That's half of the solution; now we just need to lowercase the special cases. To find the words in the string, str_word_count() is used. When passed a format parameter of 2, this built-in function returns an array of all words in the string, referenced by their position in the string. We then need to remove the first and last elements of the array so that we don't ever lowercase them, which is easily accomplished with array_slice() ; passing it the final parameter of true makes it keep the array indices intact.

In that case, the creation of the array is not needed because the sum could just be added as the loop progresses. 6. Latitude/Longitude Calculations Due to the recent popularity of consumer GPS systems, it is likely that you will need to deal with latitude and longitude at some point. Latitude and longitude are a coordinate system for the entire Earth. Latitude refers to your position north or south of the equator. Longitude is your position east or west of the Prime Meridian, the line of longitude that passes through Greenwich, England.

8. Checking the Spelling of a Word It is handy to be able to check the spelling of a word entered by a user. In fact, any application that requires input of large amounts of text, such as a blog or email client, is expected to have some type of spell-checking functionality. PHP performs spell checks via the pspell library. 1). Caution Default installations of PHP may not have the pspell library enabled because it must be separately compiled into the language. net/pspell for details on how to enable it.

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