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Prisoners of The Sun (The Adventures of Tintin 14) by Hergé

By Hergé

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Dual Citizenship in Europe: From Nationhood to Societal Integration

In an age of terrorism and securitized immigration, twin citizenship is of important theoretical and modern political situation. during this quantity, the participants examine regulations concerning twin citizenship throughout Europe. a large spectrum of case reviews are supplied; from the particularly restrictive German case to the extra tolerant Dutch case, to the Swedish case, within which twin citizenship is explicitly approved.

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The research of the mapping type team Mod(S) is a classical subject that's experiencing a renaissance. It lies on the juncture of geometry, topology, and team idea. This booklet explains as many very important theorems, examples, and strategies as attainable, fast and at once, whereas while giving complete information and preserving the textual content approximately self-contained.

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This is typically approximated by a linear regression without any test of the validity of the approximation. The LM test generally provides a simple test of such restrictions because it uses estimates only under the null hypothesis. While it is ideal for the case where the model is linear under the null and non-linear under the alternative, the procedures also greatly simplify the calculation when the null is non-linear. Three examples will be presented which show the usefulness of this set of procedures.

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