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Replay (FANTASY MASTERWORKS 46) by Ken Grimwood

By Ken Grimwood

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After testing, as you would beef, so as to see if it is fresh, and making sure that it is not measly, we have still to dread the presence of TRICHINA, a dangerous parasite present in the flesh of some hogs. The surest preventive of danger from this cause is thorough cooking, which destroys any germs that may exist in the meat. Cook your pork until it is crisp and brown, by a good, steady fire, or in boiling water, at least twenty minutes to each pound. Pork eaten in cold weather, or moderately in summer, alternately with other meats, is a palatable and nutritious food.

Marketing. PAGE. Composition and nutritive value of Meat, Blood, and Bones How to choose Meat Beef Mutton Lamb Veal Pork Poultry Game Birds Fish Vegetables Fruit 10 CHAPTER II. How to Cook, Season, and Measure. Effect of different methods of cooking Roasting or Baking Broiling Boiling and Stewing Frying Cooking Salt and Smoked Meats Seasoning Food Dried Celery and Parsley Dried Herbs Table Sauce Celery Salt Spice Salt Lemon, Orange, and Vanilla Tinctures Table for Measuring Food 16 CHAPTER III.

When milk is used it may be served with milk and sugar as a breakfast or tea dish; when water takes the place of milk, the addition of an ounce of butter, and half a saltspoonful of pepper makes a nice dinner dish of it. CHAPTER V. SOUP. The value of soup as food cannot be overestimated. In times of scarcity and distress, when the question has arisen of how to feed the largest number of persons upon the least quantity of food, the aliment chosen has always been soup. There are two reasons for this: first, by the addition of water to the ingredients used we secure the aid of this important agent in distributing nutrition equally throughout the blood, to await final absorption; and, second, we gain that sense of repletion so necessary to the satisfaction of hunger—the fact being acknowledged that the sensation we call hunger is often allayed by the presence of even innutritious substances in the stomach.

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