Silius Italicus: Punica, Volume I, Books 1-8 (Loeb Classical by Silius Italicus, J. D. Duff

By Silius Italicus, J. D. Duff

Silius (T. Catius Silius Italicus), 25 CE–101, was once consul in sixty eight and governor of the province of Asia in sixty nine; he sought no extra place of work yet lived thereafter on his estates as a literary guy and collector. He respected the paintings of Cicero, whose Tusculan villa he owned, and that of Virgil, whose tomb at Naples he likewise owned and close to which he lived. His epic Punica, in 17 books, at the moment warfare with Carthage (218–202 BCE), relies for proof principally on Livy's account. Conceived as a distinction among nice countries (and their helping gods), championed via the 2 nice heroes Scipio and Hannibal, his poem is written in natural Latin and delicate verse crammed all through with echoes of Virgil specifically (and different poets); it exploits with effortless grace, yet little genius, the entire units and methods of conventional Latin epic. The Loeb Classical Library variation of Silius Italicus is in volumes.

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Turn nigra triformi 120 hostia mactatur divae, raptimque recludit spirantes artus poscens responsa sacerdos ac fugientem animam properatis consulit extis. Ast ubi quaesitas artis de more vetustae intravit mentes superum, sic deinde profatur : " Aetolos late consterni milite campos 125 ; ; : Idaeoque lacus flagrantes sanguine cerno. quanta procul moles scopulis ad sidera tendit, cuius in aerio pendent tua vertice castra iamque iugis agmen rapitur trepidantia fumant 130 moenia, et Hesperio tellus porrecta sub axe !

In the centre of Carthage stood a temple, sacred to the spirit of Elissa,^ the foundress, and regarded with hereditary awe by the people. Round it stood yewtrees and pines with their melancholy shade, which hid it and kept away the light of heaven. Here, as it was reported, the queen had cast off long ago the ills f * Pygmalion. Another name for Dido. SILIUS ITALICUS exuerat regina loco, stant marmore maesto effigies, Belusque parens omnisque nepotum a Belo series stat gloria gentis Agenor, et qui longa dedit terris cognomina Phoenix, 90 ipsa sedet tandem aeternum coniuncta Sychaeo ante pedes ensis Phrygius iacet ordine centum stant arae caelique dels Erebique potenti.

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